Computer Science

  • System Development and Programming
  • Network Administration & IT Safety
  • Multi-media development & IT strategy

The AP programme in Computer Science provides you with a broad profile in IT. You will be in a position to develop, update and maintain IT systems on your own initiative, both in public institutions and in companies.

The Programme in Computer Science combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications. You will gain a thorough insight into computer methodology and concepts, business organization, economics, production management, and environmental conditions related to business.

The Computer Science programme combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications. You will become thoroughly versed in computer methodology and concepts. To which must be added: thorough knowledge of business organisation, economics, production management and environmental conditions with the businesses.

Uddannelsens indhold

The education programme takes 30 months (2½ year), and the study is divided into five semesters, 150 ECTS.

Semesters 1-3 are compulsory for all students. In Semester 4 you will specialize in two optional subjects. The 5th semester is divided into two parts. The first part is the internship, where the student works 3 months as a trainee in a company. Second part, following the internship, the student is spending the rest of the semester writing a dissertation. Normally the subject of the dissertation is to be chosen in consultation with the internship company.

The core section is divided into five subject areas:

  • General: The coherence between technology and society, communication and mathematics.
  • The Enterprise: Organisation, project management, economic management, environmental control and logistics.
  • System Development: Strategy, analysis, design, project work, user participation, prototypes and test.
  • Programming: Algorithms, data structures, programming languages, database programming and implementation.
  • Technology: Safety, computer design, distributed programming, the Internet and Intranets.
  • Elective Subjects

You will get the opportunity of individually profiling your education through specialization courses and the analysis of themes – chosen by you – which broadly relate to the IT area. Existing specialization courses are revised and new courses developed on a regular basis. Doing the individual theme in the 4th Semester and your Dissertation in the 5th Semester, you will have the opportunity of individualising your education. You may specialise within:

  • System Development and Programming
  • Network Administration and IT Safety
  • Multi-media development and IT strategy

You may attend the International Line, doing a short-term study abroad.

Computer Science graduates from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology distinguish themselves by their profound knowledge of business affairs in the IT area, their mastering all phases of system development, and their excellent programming skills. In addition to academic and vocational qualifications we emphasise, independence and good interactive skills, the ability to do project work and to be focused on achieving results, interdisciplinary and holistic learning processes, the ability to communicate results, and being quality-conscious in your study, learning and development.





For admission directly to the AP Degree in Computer Science the following qualifications are required:

Educational Qualifications:

From Denmark and Scandinavia
A general upper secondary education in Denmark/Scandinavia (Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination, Higher Commercial Examination, Higher Technical Examination or Higher Preparatory Examination) with English level B and with Mathematics level B.

From UK countries and countries with a similar educational system
General Certificate of Education, GCE Advanced Level-exams (A-level) in combination with General Certificate of Secondary Education, GCSE-examiner (O-level). At least three A levels in relevant subjects in combination with O- level exams.

From other European countries
The equivalent to Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination. For specific countries one extra year at University or similar may be required.

From United States and countries with a similar educational system
High school diploma from the United States followed by at least one year of university or college studies in relevant subjects. This also applies to applicants with a high school diploma from countries with a similar system.

From African countries, India, China and other Asian countries
The equivalent to Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination plus at least 1-2 years of study in relevant subjects from University. Alternatively also pre-university Programme or University/College Foundation Programme.

From South- and Latin American countries
The equivalent to Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination plus at least 1-2 years of study in relevant subjects from University. Alternatively also pre-university Programme or University/College Foundation Programme.

The international and the European Baccalaureate.

For admission, please observe specific requirements in the field of Mathematics:

Higher level, equivalent to the Danish B-level, equivalent to approximately 250 hours at upper secondary level. Five main areas must have been thoroughly covered: Numbers, Geometry, Functions, Differential Calculus and Statistics and Probability.

Applicants with marks above average and/or relevant work experience are given preference.

English proficiency:
An IELTS academic score of 6.0+, or alternatively:

Test Score (minimum)
IELTS (academic) 6.0
TOEFL (paper based) 550
TOEFL (computer based) 213
TOEFL iBT (internet based) 80
CPE Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English Grade C
CAE Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English Grade C (or level B2)
CEF Common European Framework Grade B2+ (or better C1/C2)
TESA Test of English for Studies Abroad B2+
SLEP Secondary Level English Proficiency test 70% correct (> 100)
OOPT (only tests taken via partner) B2+

Any test result must not be more than two years old at the time of application.



Alle fuldtidsuddannelser på Erhvervsakademi Sjælland indeholder en obligatorisk praktikperiode.

Praktikperiodens varighed og placering varierer afhængigt af uddannelsen, men som hovedregel ligger praktikken på det sidste semester af uddannelsen, og bliver efterfulgt at dit afsluttende projekt.

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Statens Uddannelsesstøtte (SU) 

Når du læser på en videregående fuldtidsuddannelse hos EASJ, kan du søge om SU.



Studerende på videregående uddannelser (som er godkendt til SU) kan få rabat på abonnementskort til bus og tog i Danmark.


Titel AP in Computer Science
Erhvervsakademi (EAK)
Varighed 2½ år
ECTS point 150
Jernbanegade 3A, 4000 Roskilde
Sprog Engelsk

Bioteknologi, procesteknologi og kemi