International Sales and Marketing Management

  • International Sales Representative
  • Executive Sales Supporter
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Planner
  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator
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Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management Programme

The international sales and marketing management programme is aimed at students wishing to have the right mix of sales and marketing competences in jobs such as: International Sales Representative, Executive Sales Supporter, Key Account Manager, Sales Planner, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

There is a growing demand for employees within international sales and marketing and the programme reflects the ever growing internationalisation of the business community – especially the segment of small and medium sized companies.

The syllabus and learning objectives of the programme are based on research into the future requirements of business and industry for staff with an international profile, good language skills and a broad foundation in economics, with a special view to coping with marketing assignments. You will gain thorough insight into Marketing, Logistics, Management and Organisation, Finance and Economics, and Business Law.

The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to work independently in analysing, planning and implementing domestic and international marketing activities in trade, production and service industries.

The Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.

Uddannelsens indhold

The study programme is a 1½ year full-time programme which corresponds to 90 ECTS credits.

The programme is divided into three semesters including a company internship and a bachelor project in a company. During the first two semesters of the programme you will be working with practical and theoretical areas covering the following subjects:

The compulsory subjects of the programme are:

  • Strategy, Organisation/Management, and Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Philosophy of Science and Methods

Elective Subjects/Theme:

Together with 4-8 fellow students you study a subject chosen by you (2 subjects must be chosen/subjects vary from semester to semester)

  • International Sales
  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Innovative E-Marketing
  • Global Business

The third semester focuses on the internship and the final bachelor project.

The company internship (normally unpaid) is comparable with a full-time job with the same requirements concerning working hours, contribution, commitment and flexibility which the graduate would expect to find in his/her first job. The aims and the objectives of the internship is decided by the student and two supervisors (one from the college and one from the company). The internship period concludes with an evaluation based upon a written report made by the student and an evaluation scheme done by the company.

The Bachelor project will take the central topics of the study programme as its starting point and can contain elements from the internship. The problem statement for the project is prepared by the student, preferably in cooperation with a company.




For admission directly to the bachelor top-up programmes the following educational qualifications are required:
An AP Degree in Marketing Management or
Another relevant Danish AP Degree within Business or Economics, or
An equivalent international higher education Degree within Business or Economics of minimum 120 ECTS
English at a Danish B-level, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

When there are more applicants than available places, we base our evaluation on the following criteria:
Average grade from qualifying exam
Relevant work experience within the last two years (internship as part of a study programme does not count)
Exchange stays, military service, volunteering, other relevant studies/courses (min. 3 months)

ZIBAT will make an overall evaluation and rating of the applicants, which we may supplement with an admission interview.

Today 20 December 2017, we give notice that from our September 2019 intake and onwards, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology normally will not be offering conditional admission in AP programmes with a limited number of places.



Alle fuldtidsuddannelser på Erhvervsakademi Sjælland indeholder en obligatorisk praktikperiode.

Praktikperiodens varighed og placering varierer afhængigt af uddannelsen, men som hovedregel ligger praktikken på det sidste semester af uddannelsen, og bliver efterfulgt at dit afsluttende projekt.

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Statens Uddannelsesstøtte (SU) 

Når du læser på en videregående fuldtidsuddannelse hos EASJ, kan du søge om SU.



Studerende på videregående uddannelser (som er godkendt til SU) kan få rabat på abonnementskort til bus og tog i Danmark.


Titel Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management
Professionsbachelor (TOP-UP)
Varighed 1½ år
ECTS point 90
Femøvej 3, 4700 Næstved
Maglegårdsvej 2, 4000 Roskilde
Sprog Engelsk
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