Software Testing

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Course Description

Software touches just about everything in our world today. Today’s consumers expect intuitive and reliable technology, and in an increasingly crowded marketplace small missteps can trigger dissatisfaction and abandonment. Software testing addresses weaknesses in software development while building scalable development processes to ensure a best-in-class user experience. In this Software Testing program, you will gain essential knowledge about software testing concepts and techniques. You will also learn how to plan, execute and manage software testing as well as software quality techniques for formal verification, which is used in mission critical projects.

Very important: You don’t need to be good at programming, indeed it is enough to be able to read and understand other people’s code.

This program will be of benefit to: Software Testers, Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers. It will provide career-changers with the skills to get an entry-level job in Software Testing and help advance Software Developers skills in unit testing.

Learnings outcomes


Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired knowledge about software testing concepts and techniques (20%), and practice (80%) of:
•How to structure your application for testability?
•Better practices for writing good tests that are readable and maintainable
•Testing in the agile world
•Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
•Test Driven Development and its benefits
•Refactoring and Continuous Integration
•How to mock external Resources
•How to create and implement Unit tests and the elements of a good test
•How to create basic API and web service tests
•Performance testing and how to create a performance test using Visual Studio and Visual Studio team services (VSTS)
•How to analyze performance test results using Application Insights
•Exploratory testing in the context of visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager
•Automation and how to choose the right tool for automate testing
•How to implement and automate a delivery pipeline: development-continuous integration-continuous deployment and delivery using TeamCity


Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired the skills to:
•Develop a structured test plan
•Be able to develop an agile testing strategy
•Develop high quality software
•Apply and master various automation testing tools
•Be able to implement and automate a delivery pipeline


Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired the competencies to:
•Easily integrate a development team in a company as a good tester
•Select an appropriate tool for automate testing and software delivery

Kurset afholdes sammen med fuldtidsstuderende på Datamatikeruddannelsen – mulighed for sparring med dynamiske unge mennesker.

Kurset afholdes om dagen med 6 – 7 lektioner i tidsrummet kl. 08.15 – 14.45


1 dag om ugen – uge 5 – 15, ferie i uge 13

Projektskrivning – uge 16 – 20

Antal lektioner:

Undervisning: 60 lektioner

Projektskrivning: 30 lektioner


Der afholdes ikke eksamen på modulet, men kursusbevis udstedes ved gennemføres af modulet

Tilmeldingsfrist: 15. januar 2018. Der er afholdelsesgaranti!

Titel Software Testing
Fra uge 5 til uge 15
Kr. 9.950,00
Inden den 15. januar 2018 hos Ena Nielsen, 5076 2657 Der er afholdelsesgaranti
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